Reviewing your Insurance Policy Regularly

Situations change, and it’s so important that you review your insurance policy regularly so that you can ensure you are covered properly. If something goes wrong and you aren’t covered by your insurance policy, it can be disastrous. Here are some of our hints and tips:

  • Keep an inventory. Make sure you know what you own that you need to include in your insurance policy. This will make it much more simple to make sure everything is included and covered.
  • Know the value. Keep a record of how much individual valuable items are worth. If you’re not sure, it might be worth getting them valued so that you know you have got them insured for the right amount.
  • Build on relationships. Make sure you know if you have a dedicated account manager and if not, ask to speak to the same person each time. It helps you to feel secure when you work with someone you trust, and you never know, they might even be able to secure a better deal for you.
  • Make sure you have the right types of insurance. Contents insurance, property insurance, building insurance… the list goes on. Ensure you know what needs to be covered by your policy and if you experience a change in circumstances, talk to your insurers immediately.
  • Shop around. One of the most fundamental reasons to review your policy is to check you are still getting the best price. Use price comparison sites to find the cheapest deal for you. If it isn’t with your current company, speak to them to see if they will be willing to negotiate.

Insurance is too important to let lie. Review your policy with an insurance expert on a regular basis to make sure your cover is still relevant and includes everything you need.