Christmas Parties in Bristol

Do you know about the different Christmas party venues Bristol has to offer? If the answer if no and you’re thinking about planning in your party for the festive season, think about talking to your events planner about Bristol. There are plenty of venues that are unique and excellent value, plus plenty of hotels if you want to stay for the night. Bristol offers an excellent night out experience and will give your Christmas festivities a wonderfully fun feel.

One of the great things about Bristol is the variety of party venues. There are different areas of the city that are suitable for different kinds of events. For example, the centre of the city has more nightclubs and bars, whilst other parts of the city are a little calmer. There are also lots of destination venues, that have themes or a specific type of character to entice people in. Many of them are available to hire, or you can hire a section of them if you have a smaller party.

Choosing a unique Bristol party

If you are looking for something a little different, then Bristol is perfect for you. Known for its individualistic nights out, there’s always something going on in Bristol. These are some of the most popular unique venues and themes you can find in Bristol:

  • Chocolate factory. With full theming and a fantastical feel, your golden ticket will get you into Bristol’s very own chocolate factory. There will be fun and games for the whole office.
  • Enchanted forest. A more typical Christmas theme, the enchanted forest is perfect for transporting you and your team to a magical world of glitter, snow and beauty. With some lighting and decoration, this party venue will look stunning.
  • Masquerade ball. Host a masquerade ball especially for your staff, giving them the chance to dress up. Everyone loves a fancy Christmas party, so this could be the perfect option. Bristol has many venues where you could host this kind of party.

Shared parties or smaller venues?

Shared parties are parties where you buy a certain number of tickets to a larger event. Many of the Christmas parties on offer in Bristol are larger events, which creates a wonderful atmosphere. Alternatively, if you have a very big company that employs in excess of 1,000 people, you can hire out a venue for your exclusive use. Of course, this would be possible regardless of how many people you employ, but there will be higher costs involved if you have fewer people. In this instance, a shared party could be perfect.

If you do have a smaller business but want exclusive use of a venue, Bristol will have plenty to offer you as well. Discuss your needs with your event planner or events team and they will be able to source the idea venue for you. By booking now, you may be able to get some kind of a discount, as it is still quite early for Christmas parties. Tell your planner your budget so they understand what they are working to.