How to Give a Good Pitch for a Business Investment

Persuading someone to invest in your business isn’t necessarily going to be easy. You might have confidence in your business and its performance but if someone is going to invest, they need more than your word. Here are some tips to help you put together a good presentation:

  • Know your business inside out. Have all the facts ready in case you are asked difficult questions.
  • Know your finances. For an investor, this is going to be one of the main areas to ask about.
  • Don’t exaggerate. If you over-emphasise your turnover or you massively overestimate how much your business is worth, you are in danger of coming across as untrustworthy. It is better to be honest.
  • Go prepared. Put in lots of preparation beforehand and think about your USPs. Why should someone invest in you? What can you offer them in return? Be confident and sell your business to potential investors eloquently.