How to Motivate Staff

Motivating staff sadly isn’t as easy as throwing a party every once in a while, or getting staff to participate in group and team building activities. Of course these things can help, but more often than not, people are looking for something more fulfilling in their work. They need to feel part of something bigger.

One of the major things you can do to improve staff motivation is to ask staff what they actually want. This will be so much more effective than just second guessing, as you will then need to know exactly what you should offer them. Once you understand the key drivers behind your people, you are well equipped to put together staff incentive schemes and to brief managers to ensure they’re helping staff to work towards their own aims. Often people will want to be able to feel like they have goals, and that they’re achieving them. You can set up structures around this to help people feel included, valuable and like they’ve achieved something.